Travels through Antonia

Intense meeting

Bringing together an unlikely fellowship

Princess Rose while visiting the city of Lathiona was attacked during her speech to the people. Five assailants trained in deadly archery were positioning themselves on the top of the buildings that surrounded the square when they were spotted by the guards. The guard captain has positioned himself between the princess and the archers which resulted in his death. With his death the princess activated her special amulet that surrounded her in a protective magically shield bubble which prevented another 3 attacks from causing her injury.
From the crowd two citizens join the remaining guards in protecting the princess. A wizard named Slash Bash and the ranger Summer Darkwoods. Though Summer was unable to score a hit on the assailants, her fire distracted the archers enough that they were unable to score any additional hits on the princess that would have broken the magical shield. Slash on the other hand was able to use his spear to wound 2 of the 5 assailants which allowed the guards to dispatch them with relative ease.
In the end 2 of the 5 assailants were captured for further interrogation.


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